Brand: YDPM
Product Code: BML-600Y
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Capacity Swing over bed Ø 600
Swing over saddle Ø 450
Distance between center STD: 615 (A2-6); OPT: 567 (A2-8)
Max. machining dia. Ø 220
Max. machining length STD: 535 (A2-6); OPT: 535 (A2-8)
Distance between noses -
Slant angle of bed 60˚
Travel range X-axis 168(160+8)
Y-axis 60(30+30)
Z-axis 570
C-axis 360˚ ( 0.001˚ )
W-axis -
Spindle Spindle speeds (rpm) STD:50~4500(A2-6); OPT:50~3500(A2-8)
Spindle nose STD:A2-8; OPT:A2-6 , Built-in Spindle A2-6
Spindle bore dia. STD: Ø86(A2-8); OPT: Ø62(A2-6)
Front bearing dia. STD: Ø120(A2-8);OPT: Ø100(A2-6)
Bar capacity STD: 75; OPT: 52
Chuck diameter C: Ø 10”; C(OPT): Ø 8”
Turret Type Live-tooling
Stations STD:12; OPT:8
Model TBMR200/12DX(short)
Square tool shank 25
Boring bar shank diameter Ø40
Indexing time (sec) 0.1
Live-tool Spindle speeds (rpm) 50~4000
Feedrate Rapid traverse (M/min) X:16, Z:20, Y:8; C:200min-¹
Tailstock Quill diameter -
Tapered bore type STD:MT 4; OPT:MT 5
Quill travel 437(A2-6), 367(A2-8)
Motors Main spindle (kW) STD:α22ip 11/15; OPT: α30ip 15/18.5;
Sub-spindle(kW) -
Live-tool (kW) α3 3.7/5.5
X/Z-axis servo motor (kW) X:α12 3.0, Z:α12 3.0,Y:α12 3.0
Hydraulic oil pump (kW) 1.5
Chip conveyor (kW) 0.2
Coolant pump (kW) 0.8
Power Requirement (KVA) STD:30; OPT:34
Machine size Height 2241
Floor space (L x W) 3000 × 1956
Weight (w/cnc) (kgs) 6500
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice


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