Brand: FEMCO
Product Code: BMC-110T2
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The BMC-110T2 incorporates a traveling column design with increased table load capacities. It comes standard with a 50 taper, 35 hp geared head spindle, linear scales on X, Y and Z axis, chip conveyor and a Fanuc CNC control. The W axis stroke is 19.69” and has a diameter of 4.33”. Optional accessories include a 60 or 90 station automatic tool changer, through the spindle coolant system and a full 4th axis.

78.74" Table Cross Travel (X)
82.67" Headstock Travel (Y)
59.05" Table Longitudinal Travel (Z)
56.69" Table Size
17,600 lb. Table Load
19.69" Spindle Stroke (W)
4.33" Spindle Diameter
2,500 RPM Spindle Speed

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