Brand: FEMCO
Product Code: BMC-110R2
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The BMC-110R2 comes standard with a 50 taper, 35 hp geared head spindle, linear scales on X, Y and Z axis, chip conveyor and a Fanuc CNC control. The W axis stroke is 19.69” and has a diameter of 4.33”. Optional accessories are a 60 or 90 station automatic tool changer, through the spindle coolant system and a full 4th axis table.

78.74", Table Cross Travel (X)
70.87" Headstock Travel (Y)
66.93" Table Longitudinal Travel (Z)
56.69" x 62.99" Table Size
13,889 lb. Table Load
19.69" Spindle Stroke(W)
4.33" Spindle Diameter
2,500 RPM Spindle Speed

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